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Enterprise Architecture

5 Star Consulting Group Enterprise Architecture services assist an organizational unit, organization, or collection of organizations to achieve set of common goals spanning the Enterprise to provide specific products or services to prospective customer bases.

Our Enterprise Architecture modeling methodologies cover various types of organizations, regardless of their size, ownership model, operational model, or geographical distribution. These services include organizational socio-technical systems, including people, information, processes and technologies. Our core enterprise architecture service suite includes:

Enterprise IT Design – Delivers alignment of IT portfolio assets and strategic business goals. 5 Star Consulting Group architecture services guide the process of planning and design the IT/Information Systems capabilities of an enterprise in order to meet desired organizational objectives.

Enterprise Integration – Our Enterprise services helps customers achieve greater coherency between the various concerns of an enterprise (HR, IT, Operations, etc.) including the linking between strategy formulation and execution.

Enterprise Architecture Adaptation – Another objective of 5 Star Consulting Group enterprise architecture support is to foster and maintain the learning capabilities of enterprises so that they may be sustainable. We place great emphasis is put on improving the capabilities of the enterprise, technology migration and co-evolution of the enterprise environment.

Project Portfolio Management – 5 Star Consulting Group Enterprise Architecture supports investment decision-making and work prioritization.

IT Risk Management – Our Enterprise Architecture support contributes to reduction of business risk from system failures and security breaches.

Critical organizational challenges analyzed by 5 Star Consulting Group enterprise architects typically include:

Innovations in the structure or processes of an organization.

Innovations in the use of information systems or technologies.

Integration and/or standardization of a business processes.

Improving the quality and timeliness of business system technology migration/transformation.

The benefits of 5 Star Consulting Group enterprise architecture services significantly impact greatly how organizations can leverage the scope of enterprise architecture to manage complex Enterprise integration challenges as well achieve alignment of IT systems assets with business enterprise goals.

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