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Systems Integration

System integration (SI) can be best described as adding value to system capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems. In today’s connected world, the role of system integration engineers is becoming more and more important: more and more systems are designed to connect, both within the system under construction and to systems that are already deployed.


Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering (SE) focuses on analyzing and eliciting customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, design synthesis and system validation while considering the complete problem, the system lifecycle. 5 Star Consulting Group SE service assist customer to fully understanding the needs of the stakeholders involved their organizations. The 5 Star Consulting Group SE support services, encourages the use of tools and methodologies that empower organizations comprehend and manage complexity in systems.


Enterprise Architecture

5 Star Consulting Group Enterprise Architecture services assist an organizational unit, organization, or collection of organizations to achieve set of common goals spanning the Enterprise to provide specific products or services to prospective customer bases.

Our Enterprise Architecture modeling methodologies cover various types of organizations, regardless of their size, ownership model, operational model, or geographical distribution.


Software Engineering

Software Engineering Software development is often a complex undertaking that requires critical engineering support to develop, support and implement software in a timely and cost-effective manner. The 5 Star Consulting Group Software Engineering (SE) team empowers our customers to mitigate risk of development of poor quality of software products. Our development processes enable organizations to maintain time and budget costing controls. In turn, this ensures that software is built systematically, rigorously, measurably, on time, on budget, and within specification. The 5 Star Consulting Group SE approach to address these issues spans the customer’s entire development program.


Configuration Management

5 Star Consulting Group provides configuration management (CM) engineering process that is second to none. We will establish and maintain a suite of CM based support services tailored to support the needs of our clients. Our CM processes are applicable to DOD, Federal and commercial organizations to manage complex systems, such as weapon systems, business, and information system assets. Outside the military, our CM processes can be applied Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) with other domain models such as civil and industrial engineering business segments.


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