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Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering (SE) focuses on analyzing and eliciting customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, design synthesis and system validation while considering the complete problem, the system lifecycle. 5 Star Consulting Group SE service assist customer to fully understanding the needs of the stakeholders involved their organizations. The 5 Star Consulting Group SE support services, encourages the use of tools and methodologies that empower organizations comprehend and manage complexity in systems. Our core support suite services include:

    • System Modeling, and Simulation
    • System Architecture
    • Optimization
    • System Dynamics
    • Systems Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Decision Making

The 5 Star Consulting Group of the SE management process is to organize the technical effort in the lifecycle, while the Technical Process includes assessing available information, defining effectiveness measures, to creating behavior & structure models, perform trade-off analysis, and create sequential build & test plans that support customer SE objectives.

System development often requires contribution from diverse technical disciplines. 5 Star Consulting Group SE experts codify technical disciplines by providing a systems (holistic) view of the development effort, systems engineering to mold technical contributors into a cohesive team effort. A structured development process is implemented from concept to production to operation and, in some cases, to termination and disposal.

The benefits of SE support methodologies allow early detection of possible failures, in safety engineering, are integrated into the design process. In turn, decisions made at the beginning of a project whose consequences are not clearly understood can have enormous implications later in the life of a system. The 5 Star Consulting Group SE experts enable organization to explore these issues and make critical implementation/design decisions for completion of critical projects.

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